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Tips for Outdoor Photography

Memories last longer when caught on camera. Some occasions call for a splurge on a professional photographer. Others just call for a few snapshots to document a fun day at the lake or at a ball game. With a little planning and a digital camera, you can be snapping outdoor shots that will make your Instagram followers envious.

Pay attention to your ISO. The lower the ISO, the less sensitive the camera is to the light. For full sun and no shade, try an ISO of 100. If it’s overcast or you’re in the shade, turn it up to 400. If the sun is setting and you’re losing light, try an ISO of 640-800.

Use the flash. Depending on whether you want your subject back-lit or front-lit, using the flash can improve the results. Turning your flash down creates a more natural-looking shot while a strong flash can make your subject appear harsh. Purposefully under-exposing the background and bursting flash on your subject will create a focal point and enhance the mood of the photo.

Use natural light. Take advantage of the sun by allowing your subject to face the light. About 60 minutes after dawn and before dusk are known as the “golden hour” when light is optimal for shooting.

Check your white balance. Experimenting with the white balance before shooting allows you to color correct before editing. Depending on the light source and weather conditions, your subject may have a blue, orange or yellow hue. Play with these settings to find your desired coloration.

Change the aperture. If you’re shooting landscape photos, you’ll want to work in f/11 through f/22, where the lens is closed tighter. When isolating subjects, you’ll prefer to work with a more shallow depth of field, so set your aperture at f/2.8 or f/4.

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