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You have options when it comes to timing the sale and purchase of a home. The most common source of confusion is what people should do first – sell their current home or buy a new one. If you do some homework first, you’ll probably get a good idea of what you are most comfortable with.

• Contact me and we’ll determine what price you are likely to get for your house. • Meet with mortgage lenders and find out what size loan you will qualify for and decide how much you can afford. • Look for homes that meet your needs and your price.

Are there houses you are interested in that are suitable? If there are, you might consider listing your current home and trust that you will find something once your house sells. If not, it might be better to buy before you sell. Purchasing a new home first isn’t necessarily a bad idea, if it is financially possible. But this may involve qualifying for a new mortgage while still being responsible for the current mortgage on the home you’re getting ready to sell. By selling first, you run the risk of having to quickly find somewhere to live, which could force you to rent or rush into buying a home that may not be ideal. If this happens, you could look into including a rent-back contingency in the contract so you can rent the home back from the buyers until you are able to purchase a new house. For more information about buying or selling a home in our local market, please give me a call. As your real estate professional, I can answer all your questions and help with all your buying and selling needs.

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