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Resist These Retail Traps

As the buying season approached- it might be good to know how to resist these retail traps!

When it comes to profoundly understanding consumer behavior, retailers have done their research. Watch out for these strategies that stores use to get you to buy more. 

Free shipping thresholds: Be wary of offers such as “spend $50 and get free shipping.” Avoiding a shipping charge may feel like the better deal, but make sure you’re not spending money on stuff you don’t need.

Limited-time offers: You’re more likely to purchase an item impulsively if you’re worried it will be gone tomorrow. Limited-time offers capitalize on your fear of missing out.

Price anchoring: Seeing the slashed “original” price can prompt you to think you’re saving money, even if the product is still overpriced. Take time to research similar products to ensure you’re getting the best deal.

Product hide-and-seek: Some stores rearrange products frequently in hopes that you’ll scan extra shelves and add more to your cart. Stick to your list or order products online to avoid this trap.


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