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Ideas for Winter Curb appeal…

It is possible to create a striking winter curb appeal without expensive or complicated exterior changes. Here are 8 tips.. 

1. Add splashes of green & purple. Plants, grasses & evergreens can liven up a homes winter landscape. Experiment with tall grasses and plants from the cabbage family. Make the front door a focal point with a large wreath adorned with a colorful ribbon. To finish the look place large, colorful planer filled with evergreens beside the front door.

2. Give it seasonal sparkle. Transform an unused bird bath or fountain into a seasonal display by adding twigs with red berries. Or fill frost resistant urns with twigs, winter greenery and sparkly baubles (sold at most craft stores) for added sparkle, roll twigs in glitter and incorporate a gazing ball-a mirrored glass ball available in various colors

3. Make the garden statuesque. Roman or Greek theme outdoor sculptures can add class and elegance to a garden in winter .Place statues strategically throughout garden to draw buyers’ eye to the outdoor space.

4. Light it bright. During the winter it is more likely buyers’ will be viewing the home after sunset. Use clear flood spotlights to feature the homes architectural features. Keep exterior AND interior lighting to the maximum wattage and clean regularly. Light creates a warm inviting glow.

5. Show off the lifestyle. Just because it’s cold outside doesn’t mean you can’t use your deck. Shovel or clean your backyard sitting area and leave your grill uncovered so buyers can envision themselves in the space. If you have a hot tub leave that open & running during showings as well.

6. Make the deck an extension of the house. Set up your outdoor tables and chairs just as you would in warmer months. For added appeal add a weatherproof café set with pillows that play off the interior accent colors. Glancing out onto this type of vignette can make the outdoor space feel larger and more interesting.

7. Create a photo display of sunnier days. Show buyer’s what the outside of the home looks like during other seasons by displaying some landscape photos in frames or use a digital photos frame. This gives a sense of what the property will look like at other times of the year. If the home has a garden, make a list of what’s planted there.

8. Don’t forget to clean a path. If the ground is covered in snow, the simplest and most important thing you do is shovel the driveway and sidewalks and keep the homes patio and decks as clear as possible so buyers get a sense of their true size. 

              For additional ideas on Curb appeal please call, email or text. 

Rachel Sheller Oregon 1st realtors  503.380.9634

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