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Home Sellers Making Gains

Good news, homeowners! After nearly a decade of depressed home values and underwater equity, your fortunes continue their long-awaited turnaround. This spring, RealtyTrac’s U.S. Home Sales report showed that home sellers sold their houses for, on average, $30,500 more than their original purchase price. That amounts to a 17 percent average gain in price, the highest average gain since December 2007 and the onset of the recession.

“Home sellers in many markets are now seeing average price gains close to or above what home sellers experienced during the last housing boom,” said RealtyTrac’s Daren Blomquist. “That should encourage more homeowners to take advantage of the prime seller’s market and list their homes for sale this year.”

Among the 125 metropolitan statistical areas analyzed, the top 10 cities where sellers realized the biggest average gains (and the percentage of increase) were:

  1. San Francisco (72%)

  2. San Jose, CA (60%)

  3. Boulder, CO (53%)

  4. Prescott, AZ (51%)

  5. Los Angeles (48%)

  6. Denver (42%)

  7. Portland (40%)

  8. Austin, TX (40%)

  9. Seattle (38%)

  10. Baltimore (38%)

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