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Look Out Granite – You’ve Got Competition

For years, granite has been “the” choice in new countertops, thanks to its durability, low-maintenance and good resale value. Although it is still featured in many high-end houses, other materials are stepping up and are ready to take its place as the go-to counter material.

  1. Quartz Also called engineered stone, this blend looks and feels like stone. It is more durable than granite, and it is considered by many to be the best surface for no-maintenance homeowners.

  2. Ceramic As seamless counters have grown in popularity, fewer counters have featured ceramic tile. But an up-and-coming trend from Europe is actually a slab of ceramic that is quite strong and heat-resistant.

  3. Laminate Laminate gets a bad rap because it is usually associated with dated, low-end options. But 75 percent of new kitchens are still outfitted with laminate, and it is a durable, hard-wearing material that can survive many years.

  4. Concrete These counters resemble slabs of natural stone (such as granite) but are les expensive. Concrete cracks fairly easily, but some fabricators use strengthening materials.

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